Metal Cherry MX Switches Opener Switch Tester Board Kits for Mechanical Keyboard Switch Opener Key Switch Puller Remover Aluminum Switch Open Tool for Lube Switch Accessories for Gaming Keyboard Gamer



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  • 【Great value mechanical keyboard tool set】We provide 1 pack switch opener, switch tester board, keycap&switch puller, storage bag and 4 pack keycaps! Complete portable tools! Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts essential lube switch tools. Video game players to enhance the keyboard feel of the first choice
  • 【Metal Cherry MX Switch Opener】 The switch on the kits in the cherry MX switch opener is made of metal (aluminum). Aluminum alloy switch opener has excellent materials and is not easy to damage! It turns on the switch really fast, only two seconds! It came with two types of switch pullers. It can catch the bottom base when opening the switch. Then you can so easy and safe to lube the switches!
  • 【Powerful and useful mechanical keyboard kits】With the key puller, you can more easily and safely pull the key cap from the mechanical keyboard and take out the switch. Then you can use the switch opener open cherry mx switch easily and safty. We also have a switch tester board for keyboard enthusiasts! With it, you can compare up to 4 switches simultaneously!
  • 【Innovative design】One of the innovations of this set of tools is that it has 4 resin keycaps for each player! When you turn on the switch, you can hold the top of the shaft through the key cap. In this way, the parts of the switch will not be scattered. By putting the key cap on the switches, you will get the most realistic performance and feedback of switches on the switch tester board.
  • 【Note】The metal switch opener in the toolkit can only open Cherry MX switch, but the Keycap, key cap&switch remover, switch tester board also apply to any switch