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  • 【Metal Kailh Opener & tester】It is customized for Kailh switch made of aluminum alloy. It’s quite durable and has a strong structure! Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, game players and E-sports players will love the metal kailh switch opener! With the Aluminumyou switch opener, you can make it easier for lube switches & replace parts of switches!
  • 【More advanced open kailh switches way】 Sometimes you have to upgrade and maintain the mechanical switches yourself in order to make the gaming keyboard perfect. With this tool, You can open switches faster and more safely, Forget tweezers and screwdrivers to avoid damaging your kailh switches! Whether you are a beginner/enthusiast/hobbyist or e-sports players
  • 【Excellent quality】In order to make Kailh switch opener more durable and reliable, we use aluminum alloy to make it! The oxidized sandblasted surface makes it look more textured, but also makes it less slippery. Every detail is designed for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts!
  • 【Quick use】First place a Kailh switch correctly on the metal Kailh switch opener, and press it with one finger down firmly and gently. The switch is easily turned on! (Don’t try it hard, It’s easier to open than you think)
  • 【Attention】The metal switch opener can only open Kailh switch, but it can be used as a tester for most of switch.