Micscrew Keyboard Lube 0.17OZ

  1. Universal lubricant: This keyboard lubricant is suitable for materials and plastic contact points on metal, making it a versatile solution for various mechanical keyboard switches and stabilizers.
  2. Non-flammable and stable: This synthetic lubricant is non-flammable and stable, ensuring safe usage.
  3. Wide operating temperature range: This lubricant works on a wide range of operating temperatures, from -50 °C to 130 °C (-58 °F to 266 °F), making it suitable for use in different environments.
  4. Suitable for mechanical keyboards: This lubricant is specifically designed for mechanical keyboards and is not suitable for other devices or human bodies.
  5. Improves keyboard performance: By reducing friction between surfaces that touch and move along each other, this lubricant can make your mechanical keyboard switches and stabilizers glide smoother.



Suitable for various mechanical keyboard plastic contact points

Nonvolatile nonflammable and stable synthetic grease

Elimination of “scratching” sound or any other undesirable acoustic properties.