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About this

The expansion dock solves the top ten office troubles at one time, with multiple interfaces, clearer large screens, support for fast charging, fast transmission speed

Get rid of the problem of single interface of thin and light notebooks and connect more devices

Expand split screen convenient office

Compatible with HDMI HD + VGA + DP HD + card reading + gigabit network card 9-in-1 configuration

There are three video interfaces, which support picture expansion or image function

Meet the needs of a variety of office entertainment scenes

Small screen becomes large screen, and the office is clearer

Small and easy to carry


I can still play like Micscrew Docking station
Connect mobile phone / tablet and expand OTG function

Read movies / documents at any time without traffic

Second to second computer

Mobile office is more convenient

PS: mobile phone / tablet needs to support OTG function
More effective heat dissipation alloy shell live broadcast explanation

Upgrade the integrated aluminum alloy material to quickly export heat