Switch Opener Cherry MX Switches Openers for Mechanical Keyboard with Switches Keycap Puller, Switches Key Cap Tool for Keyboard Switch Lover Gamers


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  • Cherry MX Switch Opener – Mechanical Keyboard enthusiasts, gamers, e-sport players know how important a keyboard is, the best performing switches can bring more exciting experience; Now you can open your MX keyboard switches and modify them easily by this switch opener
  • Stainless Steel Switches Keycap Puller – This switch and keycap remover can help you pull the switches and the keycaps out easily, it ‘s Compatible for most mechanical keyboards including Cherry MX, Alps, and Topre switches. This compact high quality wire style keycap puller is a necessary tool for any mechanical keyboard owner
  • Easy to Use – Press the switch into the switch opener, and the switch will be opened in a second, it’s easy for you to diy your switch or improve the performance of the original keyboard switch. Press the keycap remover into the switch, push the switches out, that’s also easy
  • Material – The keyboard switch opener is made of ABS material, and it’s made by the latest 3D Printing Technology. The switches and keycaps removers 2 in 1 is made of durable metal and plastic
  • Gift for Keyboard Lover: The cherry MX switch opener key cap puller set is a perfect gift for the mechanical keyboard beginner/enthusiast/hobbyist or the e-sports players, they can diy every part if they want


Mod Your High-performance MX Keyboard to Your Own Specs!

Unleash the full potential of your favorite gaming keyboard by using our Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard Switch Opener Tool to make your switch modifications. Gamers and other power users of high-end gaming keyboards know how important it is to have the best feeling, best performing switches under the hood.


Now you can pull and open your MX keyboard switches easily for stress-free modification. If you’re on a quest for the perfect combination of features in a gaming keyboard, sometimes you have to DIY it and try several switch styles. This tool opens switches to make your mod simple and fun


Byhoo Switch Opener Cherry MX Switches Openers Keycap Puller for Mechanical Keyboard, Redefine Your Keyboard


Package includes:

1 x Cherry MX switch opener

1 x Stainless Steel Switches Keycap Puller