Keyboard Lube Kit 4PCS Switch Puller Lube Station Keycap Puller Remover for Mechanical Keyboard Switch Stem Holder Suit Cherry MX Gateron Kailh Switches Keyboard Cleaner Clean Kits 4 Prong Tool Puller

    • 【Rich set of mechanical keyboard switch shaft accessories】 We provide one stem holder, one switch puller, one keyboard switch lube pen and one key caps puller (only applicable to keycaps under 3U). The key cap puller can help you easily remove the key cap from the hot swap keyboard, and the switch puller can pull out the keyboard switches. The stem holder can fix the stem of the opened switch body, and the lube pen can lubricate opened switchs, which makes the lubrication easy and interesting
    • 【Keyboard cleaning kit and customized necessary tools】 Keyboard cleaning is sometimes ignored, and a lot of dirt hidden on and under the key caps! Using the key cap remover in the kit (only for the key caps under 3U), you can easily remove your key caps. When you need to customized keyboard, the switch puller can help you easily replace switches. Give up those useless plastic switch pullers, they are very difficult to use, and will damage your key caps and switches more easily
    • 【Tools collection for electronic enthusiasts】 For every electronic enthusiast, they are very practical tools. The stem holder in the suit is a 4 prong tool puller, which can clamp the stem and pick up any small parts. The switch extractor can be used as IC extractor or chip extractor. Every electronics enthusiast should not miss such a complete and easy-to-use toolkit. It can be a good gift for electronics lovers
    • 【Special Design】The key cap puller in the kits is made by bending a steel wire, with strong integration and firmness. The 4 Prong Tool is made of metal, which is very durable and strong. The surface is frosted and specially added with anti-skid design. The switch puller is made of PVC and metal, which makes the holding part soft and the working area durable
    • 【Note】Switch extractors are only available for hot swappable keyboards. Multiple use of the switch puller and incorrect use may damage or scratch your switch. There may be creases on the switch puller, which is caused by the transportation process. This is a normal phenomenon and will not affect the normal use. The lube pen is a writing brush. It can lubricate perfectly, but its brush head is too small for cleaning


Are you still looking for a complete mechanical keyboard kit?

Are you still worrying about how to clean the mechanical keyboard?

Byhoo’s mechanical keyboard kits can solve your problems. It consists of a stem holder, a switch puller, a lube pen, and a key cap puller (only suit for keycaps lenth less than 3U). Meet the daily keyboard maintenance needs of keyboard lovers. Using them, we can easily realize the daily maintenance of keyboard, such as key caps disassembly, switches disassembly, switches lubrication, switch stem fixation, etc. 4 Prong tool puller and switch puller are also suitable for electronic enthusiasts. When removing the IC and chip from the motherboard, they are good accessories.

What will you get?

switch puller

stem holder

switch puller

lubrication pen

Metal Keycap Puller

Metal Stem Holer

Metal Switch Puller

Lubrication Pen


  • Rich set of mechanical keyboard switch accessories
  • Cleaning tool for mechanical keyboard
  • Most of the accessories are made of metal, which is strong and durable
  • Gifts for electronics enthusiasts

Mechanical Keyboard Lubrication Kits


1. Materials: PVC & Metal

2. Color: Blue and sliver

3. Size: Details on the picture


1. Keep away from fire and keep in a dry place

2. It is only suitable for Hot swappable mechanical keyboard, not for other keyboards

3. Multiple use of switch puller and incorrect use may damage or scratch your switch

4. There may be creases on the switch extractor (caused by transportation, will not affecting use)

5. The lube pen is only suitable for switch lubrication, not for cleaning