Kailh Switch Opener Universal Switches Tester for Mechanical Keyboard, Upgraded Mini Switch Tool Accessories to Open & Test Kaihua Switch for Keycap Keyboard Switch Lover Gamer


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  • Perfect Kailh Switch Opener – This kailh switch opener can help you open 2 kailh switches on the same time in 1s and don’t damage them. Just press this mini switch open tool, and the prongs will push the switches and seperate them, it’s a easy and funny way to for you to diy your switch or improve the performance of the original keyboard switch
  • Universal Switch Tester – If you’re on a quest for the perfect combination of features in a gaming keyboard, sometimes you have to DIY it and try several mechanical switch styles. After customizing your kaihua switches, no require another tools, you can directly use this universal switch tester to test your switches, it can support most of switches on the market
  • More Excellent Experience – Compare with the normal one, this switch opener can open 2 switches on the same time, and use 2 sides of the switch tool, you can test your switches easily. The white kailh switches opener is unique on the market. Once you get the hang of it, you will love this mini switch opener tester
  • Gift for Keyboard Lover – Mechanical Keyboard enthusiasts, gamers, e-sport players know how important a keyboard is, the best performing switches can bring more exciting experience; kailh switch opener is a perfect gift for the mechanical keyboard beginner/enthusiast/hobbyist or the e-sports players
  • Tip – The keyboard switch opener is 3d printed by ABS material, which is very accurate, but please don’t use huge force to press it. The bottom of the switch opener has a hole, use a stick will help you easy to take off the switch. If you want to take out the cover and the bottom of the switches well, you can use a keycap. We tested that, it work well. Just enjoy the fun of customizing your switches!


Byhoo Kailh Switch Opener Tester Universal Switches Open & Test Tool for Mechanical Keyboards

Mod Your High-performance Mechanical Keyboard to Your Own Specs!

Unleash the full potential of your favorite gaming keyboard by using our Kailh Mechanical Keyboard Switch Opener Open Tool to make DIY your Kailh switches. Gamers and other power users of high-end gaming keyboards know how important it is to have the best feeling, best performing switches under the hood.

Now you can open your Kailh keyboard switches easily for stress-free modification without heavy tools. If you’re on a quest for the perfect combination of features in a gaming keyboard, sometimes you have to DIY it and try several switch styles. This switch open tool can help you open switches quickly and help you test your tool. No require other tools (like a screwdriver or other tester), what you need is just one switch tool, it will make your mod simple and fun



* Quickly Open 2 Switches at The Same Time, Easy to Use

* Works Well on Kailh  Switches

* The Upgraded Design Makes it Easier to Use and Prevent the Damage

* Can Also Be Used to Test Most of Switches



* 1 x kailh switch opener (also a switch tester)


Using Tips:

– Please place the switches horizontally on the switch opener and press the switch. Leaning may cause one side of the switch to fail to open

– Please don’t press the switch with huge force, or it perhaps will cause the switch or the tool be broken