Keyboard Lube Station Kit 4PCS with Metal Switch Opener for MX Switches and Stem Holder, Switch Lube for Mechanical Keyboard Apply to Gateron Cherry Key Switches Customize Your Keyboard

【4PCS keyboard lube tools】 The keyboard lube kit contains 1 x keyboard lube station, 1 x MX switch opener, 1 x stem holder, and 1 x lube brush. The switch lube kit comes with almost everything you’ll need to keep mechanical keyboards updated

【Keyboard lube station store switches small part】The Byhoo Acrylic keyboard lube station may also be used to place 18 cross stems / 18 springs, and 7 key switch bottom. The little pieces of the key switch can be carefully placed and lubricated. Please note that this keyboard lube station is only for cross stems and not for box stems

【Safely and swiftly open your MX switches】 A new disassembly design has been included in this key MX switch opener. You can use it to turn on an MX switch in 3S. At the same time, this switch opener is extremely sturdy due to the use of metal materials (zinc alloy)

【The metal stem holder aids in the grasping of the stem and spring】Every keyboard lube fans and electronics enthusiast needs the stem holder included in the switch lube kit. With these key switch lube tool, you can easily lube the key switch stem and spring

【NOTE】The surface of the switch opener may be scuffed with prolonged usage, and the paint may peel off in severe situations. After working for a period of time, scratches may also occur on the surface of the acrylic keyboard lube station. But, none of this will have an impact on your typical usage



  • Keyboard lube station compatible cross style switch stem
  • This MX switch opener allows you to turn on an MX-type switch in under 3 s. It is compatible with most Gateron switches
  • More durable handheld keyboard lube station can place 18 cross stems / 18 springs, and 7 switch bottoms
  • Stem holder makes it easy to pick up small parts (like stem and spring)


Color: Blue


Metal and Acrylic

Package Contains & Size

  1. 1 x MX Switch Opener: 1 INCH diameter
  2. 1 x Stem Holder: 4.8 INCH
  3. 1 x keyboard lube station: 4.4 INCH x 1.5 INCH x 0.4 INCH
  4. 1 x keyboard brush: 6.6 INCH


  • With repeated use, the switch opener’s surface may get scuffed, and the paint may peel off in extreme cases
  • After a period of usage, scratches on the acrylic keyboard lube station’s surface may occur
  • The key switch opener included in the kit can only open MX type switches
  • This keyboard lube station is not suitable for box style stems