Cherry Kailh Switch Opener Tester for Mechanical Keyboard, Byhoo Durable Keyboards Switches Accessories Tool Easy to Open & Test Switches, Customize Mod Switch for Keyboard Keycap Lover E-Sport Gamer

Multifunctional – Not only the mini switch tool can be used to open Cherry, Kailh, Gateron switches, but it also can be used to test most mechanical keyboard switches. No required screwdriver or any other tools, you can remove the switch cover and lube the switches, then test it in just a few minutes

Easy to Carry – If you’re on a quest for the perfect combination of features in a gaming keyboard, sometimes you have to DIY it and try several mechanical switch styles. One of the important parts is that the switch open & test tool is mini which means you can take it everywhere, and it will work well for your keyboard switches

Bring Awesome Keyboard Experience – Mechanical Keyboard enthusiasts, gamers, e-sport players know how important a keyboard is, the best performing switches will bring a brilliant experience. Using this switches remover to open your Kailh switch, mod it and test it, it must be cool

Gift for Keyboard Lover: The Kailh switch opener tester is a perfect gift for the mechanical keyboard beginner/enthusiast/hobbyist, the e-sports players or somebody who loves modifying their keyboard/switches

Technology: The keyboard switch opener is made of ABS material and made by the latest 3D Printing Technology. Normally, this Cherry Kailh switch openers with high accuracy can open most of Cherry or Kailh switches, it can also test most of the switches. Once you get hang of the switch openers, you will love it


Byhoo Cherry Kailh Gateron Switch Opener Tester for Mechanical Keyboards, New Mini switches Accessories Help You Open Test Switches

Unleash the full potential of your favorite gaming keyboard by using our Cherry Kailh MX Mechanical Keyboard Switch Opener Open Tool to make DIY your Kailh switches. Gamers and other power users of high-end gaming keyboards know how important it is to have the best feeling, best performing switches under the hood.

Now you can open your MX keyboard switches easily for stress-free modification without heavy tools. If you’re on a quest for the perfect combination of features in a gaming keyboard, sometimes you have to DIY it and try several switch styles. This switch open tool can help you open switches quickly and help you test your tool. No need several tools, just one switch tool includes many functions, it will make your mod simple and fun


1. Open cherry switches

2. Open Gateron switches

3. Open Kailh switches

4. Test Most of switches

Package includes:

1 x Cherry Kailh MX switch opener (also a MX switch tester)