Metal Switch Opener Set Compatible Cherry MX Switches for Mechanical Keyboard 4pcs Aluminum Switch Open Tool & Keycap Switch Puller Remover Suit for Lube Switches Props Gifts for Keyboard Gamer

  • 【Great value mechanical keyboard tool set】You will get one metal switch opener&tester compatible cherry MX switches, keycap&switches extractor, keycap and storage bag each. Complete,&portable tools! It will make your keyboard mods simple and fun
  • 【Cherry MX Switch Opener&Tester】 Switch open tool in the kit is made of metal (aluminum), and uses metal oxidation process, which create more comfortable to handle and stronger! It can open fast Cherry MX switches and act as a tester for any switch
  • 【2in1 remover for keycap & switch】With this tool, you can more easily and safely pull the key cap from the mechanical keyboard and take out the switch. Then you can change the switch or continue to lube it after it is opened
  • 【Innovative design】We also provide you with a custom keycap that you can use to secure the topper of switch. This will make it easier for you to open the switch and the parts will not be scattered easily
  • 【Note】 The metal switch opener in the toolkit can only open Cherry MX switch, but it can be used as a tester for any switch. Keycap, key cap puller and switch remover also apply to any switch, not just cherry MX switch


Product Description

switch opener series

cherry mx switch opener



keycap & switch remover


The Cherry MX switch opener is made of metal. The aluminum alloy material is very strong and durable, but also very light.


It adopts the metal oxidation process, which makes it feel better. It is perfectly compatible with the tester and opener functions of cherry MX switches.


It can be used as the switch puller and keycaps mover function of any mechanical keyboard. The two functions are integrated into one tool!

They include not only a cherry Opener&tester, but also keycap&switch remover, a key cap and a storage bag. This makes them more practical, functional and portable!

A unique design:

We have a gray custom keycap for you. Its function is to fix the top and stem of the switch to prevent these small parts from flying everywhere. At the same time, it can also better help you separate the switch house from the foundation. In fact, it’s quite useful when it comes to lubricating or customizing switches~

How to properly maintain and upgrade your mechanical keyboard switches?

keycap puller

switch puller

put the switch into the switch

lube switch

step 1:

Remove the key cap on the game keyboard by the key remover

step 2:

Take out the switch from the keyboard with the puller

step 3:

Put the key cap on the removed switch

step 4:

It will be open only 2s after you put the Cherry MX switch on the metal switch opener, align with the buckle, and press the key cap vertically with the finger.

only work for mx switch

You can lube your switches or replace the parts of switches more easy and safe !


  • Name: Cherry switch opener&tester kits
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 0.8 inch x 0.8 inch
  • Color: Black

The package includes:

  1. 1 X Black 2 in 1 Cherry Switch Opener & tester
  2. 1 X Black 2 in 1 Universal Keycap & switch Puller
  3. 1 X Grey Keycap
  4. 1 X Black Restore Bag