Keyboard Lube Kits 10PCS, GPL 205G0 Grease 0.17oz, Metal Switch Opener for Gateron Kailh Cherry MX, Stem Holder, Keycap Puller, Lube Brush, and Switch Puller for Mechanical Keyboard Lube Station Set


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  • 【Complete Keyboard Lubrication Kits】Byhoo provides a complete set of keyboard lube kits. It contains 0.17oz GPL 205G0 switch grease x1, cherry MX metal switch opener x1, Kailh metal switch opener x1, metal keycap puller x1, metal key switch puller x1, stem holder x2, and lube brush x3. Whether you have just built your first keyboard or a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, you can use them to customize your keyboard
  • 【Enough GPL 205G0 Grease for 150 Switches】150 keyboard switches can be lubricated with 0.17 ounces of keyboard grease. This means that you can use them to complete the lubrication of two 60% mechanical keyboards! Forget about the expensive options, and now you can get truly premium mechanical keyboard kits
  • 【Universal Metal Switch Openers】Coming with both MX Cherry and Kailh switch openers, Byhoo professional mechanical keyboard lube kits would be your best option for keyboard lubrication. They’re suitable for Cherry Gateron and Kailh switches separately. The zinc alloy switch openers are sturdy and durable, with columns on the top to hold switches stably, making it easier for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, E-sports players, and game fans to lube switches and replace parts.
  • 【 High-Quality Keyboard Customization Kits】Byhoo will provide metal keycap puller and metal switch puller. The long handles will make it easier for you to remove your key cap and keyboard switches. Stem holder can easily grasp the stem of the key switch, but also can grasp the keyboard switch spring. This will make your switch lubrication easier. It is also necessary to lubricate the pen. The bristles with appropriate hardness can make better use of grease to lubricate the inside of key switches
  • 【Most Desired Kits for Keyboard Fans】Byhoo reusable mechanical keyboard lube gift set is perfect for keyboard fans. The two switch openers are compatible with a wide range of switches. These keyboard lube tools would take your keyboard customizing to a new level. A must-have for keyboard customization and keyboard design! This would also be a great present for keyboard enthusiasts, customizers, and so on. BUT NOTE!!! It is not suitable for low profile switches and ordinary computer keyboard


Byhoo keyboard lubrication kits include a can of 0.17oz GPL 205 keyboard grease, a Switch Opener for Gateron Kailh, a Switch Opener for Cherry MX, a metal switch puller, a metal keycap puller, 2 stem holder, and 3 lube brush. Whether you are a mechanical keyboard enthusiast or a beginner, you can customize your keyboard with these tools

More features

Metal switch openers are suitable for Cherry Gateron and Kailh switches separately, they can open 90% of the switches on the market

0.17oz grease is enough to lubricate 150 switches (i.e. 2x 60% mechanical keyboards)

Multifunctional metal stem holder

The tools other than the lube brush are made of metal and durable

The switch puller with extended handle is easier to use and more durable than other plastic switch remover

Metal keycap puller with integrated steel wire forming

The brown glass bottle can effectively inhibit the decomposition of keyboard grease

With the perfect keyboard switch openers and lubrication set, this would be the most popular gift among electronics enthusiasts, gamers, E-sports players, or any keyboard fans



GPL 205G0 grease: 0.17 oz


MX and Kailh Switch Opener: Blackish Green

Material: PVC & Metal

Size: Please refer to the pictures

What You’ll Get

1 x GPL 205g0 grease

1 x MX Switch Opener

1 x Kailh Switch Opener

1 x switch puller

1 x keycap puller

2 x stem holder

3 x lube brush


Cover the lid of the grease when not in use

Grease should be stored in a cool place

Keep away from fire

It will create layers after a long period of static. At this time you need to mix with the holder of the lubricant pen to restore them to their original state