5PCS Switch Lube Kit with 0.17OZ GPL 205G0, MX Switch Opener and Precision Tweezers, Keyboard Lube Kit for Mechanical Keyboard Customization, Keyboard Grease Universal Key Switches and Stabilizers

【5PCS keyboard switch lube tools】 There are 1 X 0.17OZ GPL 205G0, 1 X lavender themed MX switch opener, 1 X light red metal precision tweezer, and 2 X pink lube brush. You will get common tools for keyboard lube

【Metal MX switch opener compatible MX style switches】Thanks to the new design, now you can use this metal MX switch opener to turn on an MX style switch in 3S. At the same time, we use zinc alloy metal material to make the key switch opener more durable

【Lubricate 120 switches】 In most cases, The kit contains 0.17oz keyboard grease that can be used for 120 switches. However, it should be noted that due to the differences in usage habits, the number of working key switches it can work is different

【Easy grab spring and stem】Metal precision tweezers make it easy to grasp small parts. When you open the key switch, you will find that it is difficult to use your fingers to pick up the stems and springs for lubrication because they are too small. At this time, you can use the precision tweezers in the keyboard lubrication kit to grasp these small parts

【Note】Only MX style switches are compatible with this key switch opener. Affected by usage habits, the number of lubrication switches of 0.17OZ GPL 205G0 may not reach 120. It’s understandable that the bottle isn’t fully filled. Because we load 0.17oz GPL 205g0 into a 0.5oz bottle


Byhoo keyboard lube kit makes it easy to customize your keyboard. With these keyboard lube tools, you can immediately start customizing your mechanical keyboard switches. Using the key switch opener, you can turn on an MX style switch in seconds. Small pieces like springs and stems may be picked up using the pointed tweezers. Then you can simply lube the interior of the key switch with the lubrication brush.

More features:

  • MX switch opener and pointed tweezers are made of metal and can work for a long time
  • GPL 205G0 of 0.17OZ lubricates 120 switches
  • Switch opener allows you to turn on an MX style switch in 3 S


Package Contains & Size:

  • 1 x Switch Opener: 0.95 INCH X 0.55 INCH
  • 2 x Lube Brush: 6.50 INCH
  • 1 x Precision Tweezer: 4.80 INCH
  • 1 x GPL 205G0: 1.37 X 1.02 INCH


  • Switch Opener: Lavender Purple
  • Lubricating Brush: Pink
  • Precision Tweezer: light red


  • The key switch opener contained in the package cannot open switches other than MX style
  • The number of lubricated switches may be different due to different usage habits, so the number of lubricated switches may be less than 120
  • It’s understandable if the bottle isn’t totally filled. Because in order to better store the keyboard grease, we used a much larger glass bottle than 0.17 oz