Micscrew Digital Vernier Caliper 6 inch

  • 【Precision】Micscrew Caliper Micrometer has a measurement range of 0 – 6”/ 0 – 150 mm; accuracy to ±0.001”/0.02mm and resolution to 0.0005″/0.01mm. Perfect and accurate caliper measuring tool for household or DIY measurement. Please choose stainless steel digital caliper for more accurate measuring.
  • 【3 Units Conversion】 You can switch 3 units with the digital calipers: inch, mm and fraction based on your habits with the push of a button. Press the on/off button, slide the digital caliper to anywhere, then you can read the values on the display. And you can reset it to zero by zero button.
  • 【Rest Assured Quality】 The body of the stainless steel digital caliper is constructed using finely polished stainless steel with a knurled thumb roller and locking screw that ensures smooth sliding and accurate positioning when taking measurements.
  • 【4 Measuring Ways】 Caliper Venier measuring tool comes with two sets of jaws and a probe, which are easy to measure depth, step, external and internal diameter, making all your objects measurable. 3 batteries are provided: one installed and other two as spare batteries
  • 【Wide Application & Auto Off】The 6 inch caliper micrometer is always used by professionals and hobbyists alike, by jewelers, hobbyists, woodworkers, DIY. Auto shutdown for saving battery after within 6 minutes if without operation



Welcome to write to us if you have any problem.

Premium Material: Won’t scratch your valuable objects when measuring, serve you for years.

Accurate Reading: Strictly tested to ensure exact measurements which accurate to 0.01 inch.

Zero Calibration: Press to set to zero at any position and continue to measure next section.

Unit Conversion: Easy to read in inches and mm by pressing the blue button on the top.

Large LCD Display: Shows instant readings with digital numbers, much more convenient.

Auto On/Off: Auto turns on when sliding, auto turns off after 5mins if with no operation.

4 Ways of Measurement

-External Measuring: Measuring the outer diameter of objects with the long jaws.

-Internal Measuring: Measuring the inner diameter of objects with the top jaws.

-Depth Measuring: Measuring the depth of hard-to-reach small objects with the long probe.

-Step Measuring: Measuring the height/length with its step design.


1. Before first use, please remove the white insulation strip in the battery cover, or the electronic caliper cannot work.

2. The digital caliper is only for household measurement, such as jewelry, gadgets and other household objects.

If for industrial measurement, please buy a more professional and more accurate measuring tool in professional field.

3. If you find the readings are not accurate, please slide the LCD screen to the left end (“0” on the scale), and then press the zero button. Welcome to write to us for more questions.


Material: Carbon Fiber Composites

Size: 9.4 x 3 x 0.6in

Weight: 2oz

Measuring Range: 0-6 inches/0-150mm

Accuracy: ±0.2mm/0.01”

Resolution: 0.01”/0.1mm

Battery: 1.5V LR44 button cell


1 x Digital Caliper + 2 x Batteries