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【Metal MX Switch Opener】 This MX switch opener suit for Cherry Gateron switches! It uses CNC and surface anodizing process, which makes it durable and strong. It has two support pillars and four disassembly pillars at the top, which can hold the bottom of the switch after quickly opening the MX switches

【Package contains】The kit includes a key cap puller, a switch puller, a switch opener, and 10 mute rings. Rich accessories make it easier to define your keyboard

【Excellent materials and quality】The switch opener is made of aluminum alloy, durable and firm. The key cap puller and switch puller are made of PVC and metal. They are easy to use. The mute ring is made of PVC material through high-precision carving. It has good elasticity and is compatible with all kinds of keycaps

【Emergency Design】 In order to prevent the emergency caused by unknown switch structure. If the switch is stuck on the switch opener, you can use a toothpick or other cylindrical rod to extend from the bottom hole of the switch opener, and then poke the switch, you can easily check the switch condition

【Note】The metal switch opener in the toolbox can only open MX switches, like the Cherry mx brown switches Gateron yellow switches. It can’t work on kailh switches(The differences between kailh and MX styles are shown in the figure)


In fact, lubricating the switch is a relaxing and pleasant thing. There is no need for complicated tools and cumbersome preparation. Just a set of Byhoo switch opener kit is all you need! The tool kits contains the most necessary tools for keyboard lovers! Whether you are a keyboard customization master or a novice, this toolkit can meet your needs. Four tools are most frequently used by keyboard lovers: switch opener, key cap puller, switch puller and mute rings

More details:

Switch opener: support column and disassembly column are designed, which can easily disassemble the switch and support it after disassembly.

Switch Puller: made of metal and PVC, durable

Key cap puller: ring handle is more conducive to force, easy to take off the key cap

Silent rings: made of PVC material with excellent elasticity, it can be easily and stably fixed on the key cap to reduce the sound of keyboard knocking


Key cap puller: 4.3” * 0.8”

Switch opener: 0.75” * 0.75” * 0.71

Switch puller: 4.2” * 1.4”

Mute ring diameter: 0.26”

The package contains:

1 X Key cap puller

1 X Switch opener

1 X Switch puller

10 X Keyboard o rings