USB C Keyboard Cable with Coil, 50 INCH Coiled USB C Cable for Mechanical Keyboard, Black Nylon Braid Coiled Cable Keyboard, 3.8mm Customized USB C to USB A Cable 9V, 1.7A MAX

【Braid wrapped covered with elastic flex】The coiled usb c cable is constructed of a high-strength nylon braid. USB C keyboard cable is wrapped in translucent flex on the outside, which adds to the texture and complexity. In addition, we also designed a unique radio wave pattern for this coiled USB C cable

【USB C keyboard cable】 The keyboard coiled cable has a coiled cable style and is composed of high-strength nylon braid. Both ends of the USB C keyboard cable have gold-plated USB-A and USB C connections that are encased in black aluminum alloy

【Long coil and high strength elasticity】The coiled USB C cable is constructed of the high quality insulating material material as well. This substance has double the elasticity of typical materials. Keyboard cable coil is up to 4.9 inches. We also customized a wooden holder to make the shape of the usb c coiled cable more elegant

【Coiled usb c cable length config】The length between USB-C to the coiled part is 4.4 inches. The coil length is 4.9 inches. The length from coil to USB-A is 40.7 inch. The total length of this USB C keyboard cable is 50 inches

【Data transmission and charging】 The coiled usb c cable can handle up to 9V and 1.7A. This means it can provide sufficient energy support to your keyboard. Nylon braided keyboard coiled cable can also be utilized as a data transfer bridge between the keyboard and the computer



  • length coil about 4.9 inch
  • The total keyboard coiled cable length is 50 inches
  • Adapt up to 9V, 1.7A
  • High-quality insulating materials are used to obtain stronger elasticity


  • Color: Black
  • Size: coil length 4.9 inches, total cable length 50 inches (More detailed data can be obtained in the picture)

Package contains:

Coiled USB C cable x 1


  • Although we have conducted many tests for the USB C coiled cable, some keyboards may still be incompatible.
  • We suggest you connect the coiled keyboard cable to the USB port on the computer motherboard or an adapter that can provide sufficient power to ensure that your keyboard can be driven normally
  • Because each keyboard cable is produced by hand, some flaws are to be expected
  • The wooden stick in the package is used to make the keyboard USB C cable more elegant. We recommend that you preserve it. If you don’t need it, you can remove it. This will not affect the function of the cable or its elasticity.
  • The wooden stick is not forcibly fixed inside the cable. Therefore, when you tilt the cable, it is expected that the stick will slide out of the middle.
  • If your keyboard doesn’t work properly after connecting to the computer, we suggest you restore the keyboard to its original state and try again
  • The measurement error is acceptable