Keyboard Lube Kit Come with 0.35OZ GPL 205G0 and Switch Opener for MX Switches Contains Keycap Puller Switch Puller Stem Holder for Mechanical Keyboard, Keyboard Grease for Key Switch and Stabilizer

【6PCS necessary mechanical keyboard customization tools】 The keyboard lube kit contains 1 x 0.35OZ GPL205 G0, 1 x metal MX switch opener, 1 x keycap puller, 1 x switch puller, 1 x stem holder, and 1 x lube brush. It has practically everything you need to lubricate a mechanical keyboard

【Lube 230 switches】 The switch lube kit includes a tank 0.35OZ GPL 205G0. In most cases, 0.35oz of GPL 205G0 is sufficient to lubricate 230 switches. But please keep in mind that varied use patterns may result in varying amounts of lubrication switches. As a result, the number of lubricated switches could be fewer than 230

【MX switches can be opened safely and rapidly】 We provide a metal MX switch opener in the GPL 205G0 keyboard lubrication kit. With this newly designed MX switch opener, you can turn on your MX switch faster and more safely

【Durable key switch lube kit】 In addition to 0.35OZ keyboard grease and metal switch opener, we also brought extended handles keycap puller, switch puller and stem holder in the package. They are all made of metal, very strong and easy to use. It’s time to give up those plastic tools

【Note】 Only MX style switches are compatible with the MX switch opener. Affected by usage habits, the number of lubrication switches of 0.35oz GPL 205G0 may not reach 230


When you start customizing your keyboard, you may need a complete set of mechanical keyboard customization tools. Now byhoo has these switch lube kit ready for you. ou can quickly remove keycaps with the keycap puller, use the metal switch puller pull out the keyboard switch, open the MX style key switch by using the metal switch opener, and lubricate it with the keyboard grease.


  • Metal keycap puller and switch recover with extended handle
  • Metal MX key switch opener makes it easy to open MX style switches
  • 0.35OZ GPL 205G0 can complete the lubrication of 230 key switches
  • Stem holder allows you to easily grasp springs and stems


Color: blue and silver

Package Contains:

  1. Metal MX Switch Opener: 1 INCH diameter
  2. Keycap Puller: 4.6 INCH
  3. Switch Puller: 4.2 INCH
  4. Stem Holder: 4.8 INCH
  5. GPL 205G0: 1.37 * 1.02 INCH
  6. Lube Brush: 6.6 INCH


  • Only MX type switches are compatible with the MX switch opener (You can see the differences of different styles in the picture)
  • The number of lubricated switches may be different due to different usage habits, so the number of lubricated switches may be less than 230