Switch Opener Kit with 0.17OZ GPL 205G0 Keyboard Lube 6PCS Contains Keycap Puller Switch Puller Stem Holder Keyboard Grease for Mechanical Keyboard, Switch Lubricant for Key Switch and Stabilizer

【6pcs necessary mechanical keyboard customization tools】 The keyboard lube kit contains 0.17oz gpl205 G0, 1 x MX switch opener, 1 x keycap puller, 1 x switch puller, 1 x stem holder, and 1 x lubrication brush. It contains almost everything you need in mechanical keyboard lubrication

【Lubricate 120 switches】 MICSCREW keyboard lube kit contains a tank of 0.17oz GPL205 G0. In most cases, using GPL205 G0 of 0.17oz is enough to lubricate 120 switches. However, please note that different usage habits may lead to different numbers of switches lubricated, so the number of switches lubricated may also be less than 120

【Open MX switches safely and quickly】 The MX switch opener in the package is made of zinc alloy. Metal material makes it more durable. With the switch lube kit, you can easily turn on more than 95% of MX switches in 5 s. At the same time, the metal switch opener can turn on MX switches more safely. Thanks to the support structure, the MX key switch can be stable on the MX switch opener after being dismantled

【Durable mechanical metal keyboard lube kit】 Except for the lubrication brush and keyboard grease, all keyboard implements are composed of metal. As a result, the keyboard lubricating tools are robust and long-lasting

【Attention】 MX switch opener is only applicable to MX style switches. Affected by usage habits, the number of lubrication switches of 0.17oz GPL205 G0 may not reach 120. In order to better store the keyboard grease, we use a glass bottle much larger than 0.17oz. So it’s normal that the bottle is not full


MICSCREW keyboard lube kit includes almost all the tools required for keyboard lubrication. You can use the keycap remover to easily remove keycaps, use the switch puller pull out the key switch, open the keyboard switch by using the MX switch opener, and lubricate it with the GPL205 G0. Every keyboard tool is necessary. Whether you are a mechanical keyboard customization enthusiast or a novice, the switch lube kit can meet your needs.


  • 6pcs metal keyboard lube kit
  • Metal MX switch opener for easy and safe opening of MX switches
  • GPL205 G0 of 0.17oz can complete the lubrication of 120 key switches
  • Metal stem holder helps you better grasp small parts, like spring, chip, and key switch stem


Color: blue and silver

Package Contains & Size

  1. MX Switch Opener: 1 INCH diameter
  2. Keycap Puller: 4.6 INCH
  3. Switch Puller: 4.2 INCH
  4. Stem Holder: 4.8 INCH
  5. GPL205 G0: 1.37 * 1.02 INCH
  6. Lube Brush: 6.6 INCH


  • MX switch opener is only applicable to MX style switches (can be in the picture)
  • The number of lubricated switches may be different due to different usage habits, so the number of lubricated switches may be less than 120
  • It is normal that the bottle is not full. Because in order to better store keyboard grease, we used a much larger glass bottle than 0.17 oz