Micscrew Keyboard Lube Kits for Mechanical Keyboard

  1. Complete set of tools: The 4PCS keyboard lubrication kit includes a switch opener, keycap puller, stem holder, and brush, providing you with all the necessary tools to adjust the configuration or combination of your mechanical keyboard.
  2. Smooth operation: With this lubrication kit, you can handle every operation of your mechanical keyboard smoothly.
  3. Switch opener: The switch opener allows you to open the switches of your mechanical keyboard easily.
  4. Keycap puller: The keycap puller helps you remove the keycaps from your mechanical keyboard without damaging them.
  5. Stem holder and brush: The stem holder and brush make it easy to apply lubricant to your mechanical keyboard switches.



4PCS completer switch lubrication tool

Switch puller and keycap puller with extended handle

Durable keyboard metal kit

Color: Blue And Silver


Brush: 17CM*0.5CM*0.5CM

Switch Puller: 10CM*3.5CM*1CM

Keycap Puller:12CM*1CM*1.8CM

Stem Holder:12CM*0.8CM*0.8CM