Keyboard Lube Contains 0.17OZ GPL 205G0 with Switch Opener for MX & Kailh and 10 PCS Brush, Switch Lube Kit for Mechanical Keyboard Switches and Stabilizer, Universal Keyboard Grease for Key Switches…

  • 【13 PCS Keyboard Switch Lubrication kit】Micrscrew provides 0.17oz GPL 205g0 x 1, switch opener for MX switches x1, switch opener for Kailh switches x1, metal storage box x1, and 10 disposable brushes. You may simply grease 110 key switches with these keyboard lube kits
  • 【Switch opener Compatible with MX & Kailh switches】Two switch openers are included in the box. They can be used to turn on MX switch and kailh switch respectively. The metal switch opener is constructed of zinc alloy, which is a sturdy and long-lasting material
  • 【110 switches can be lubricated】0.17oz keyboard grease can update 110 mechanical keyboard switches. Just add about 0.0015oz GPL 205g0 into a key switch and both ends of the spring, and apply it evenly with a brush to complete the lubrication of the keyboard switch. However, it should be noted that different usage habits may result in less than 110 lubricated key switches
  • 【10pcs disposable lube brush】To make the process of lubricating the switch go more smoothly. Micrscrew provides 10 disposable lube brushes. When lubricating the keyboard, the lube brush’s small handle design might save you time and effort. Each time you lubricate the keyboard switches, you can also use a new brush
  • 【Great keyboard enthusiast gifts】This Keyboard lube kit could help solve most of the problems you could meet in the beginning. For that reason, the switch lube tools are a great gift for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. BUT NOTE!!! It is not suitable for low-profile switches and Non mechanical keyboard


Micrscrew provides a complete set of keyboard lubrication and switch opener. It contains 0.17oz GPL 205G0 x1, metal storage box x1, metal opener for MX switches x1, metal switch opener for kailh switches, and 10 lube brushes. Although different usage habits may affect the number of keyboard switches that can be lubricated. In most cases, 0.17oz GPL 205G0 can complete the lubrication of 110 switches. In fact, the use of each key switch does not need to be too much, as long as 0.0015oz can be completed. The brush head of the lube brushes are very thin and the hardness of the bristles is moderate. The short handle design of the lube brush allows keyboard enthusiasts to save more effort when customizing keyboard switches. A large number of lube brushes allow keyboard fans to apply a new brush every time, and there is no need to bother to clean the brush after lubrication. The package also contains metal switch openers for MX switches and Kailh switches, respectively. Therefore, with this suit, you can lube almost MX and Kailh style switches freely. But please note that these switch openers are not available for low-profile key switches. 


1. Metal key switch opener is applicable to most keyboard switches. 

2. It can complete the lubrication of 110 switches 

3. Lube brushes with 10 pcs short handle design

 What you will get 

1 * metal packaging box 

2 * MX switch opener 

1 * 0.17ounces GPL 205G0 

10 * Lube Brushes


Switch opener is not applicable to low-profile keyboard switches and non mechanical keyboard Different usage habits may result in less than 110 lubricated switches Store in a dry environment