Keyboard Lube Kit for Keyboard switches, 8PCS Contain Keycap Puller, Switch Puller, Lube Brush, Keyboard Tweezers, Stem Holder, Parts Tray, Apply to Gaming Keyboard & Mechanical Keyboard…

【Contain Keyboard Parts Tray】Micscrew’s keyboard lube kit can reduce your troubles. When you use the keyboard lube kit to lube some parts, may experience forgetting where the parts are placed. But this keyboard lube kit with the parts tray, when you lube the keyboard, you can place these parts (such as the spring and the stem) in the tray without fear of losing them

【Long-Handle Keyboard Lube Kit】Micscrew’s keyboard lube kit provided long-handle tools. The switch puller, lube brush and keycap puller are liked by keyboard enthusiasts. The long-handle keycap puller can easily pull the keyboard switch and the keyboard tweezers can easily clamp the spring of the keyboard switch, which will make the lubrication of your keyboard switch easier

【A More Durable Keyboard Lube Kit】 Micscrew’s keycap puller and switch puller are not the same as the cheap plastic keyboard tools. Micscrew provided a metal keycap puller, switches puller, part tray. They are strong and sturdy, not split, chip and break. These characteristics will let the keyboard lube kit becomes more durable

【Custom Your Keyboard Switch】Using Micscrew’s keyboard lube kit to lube the keyboard switch, you can find your keyboard has reduced the noise generated by the upper shell, the switch, and the spring when you type. Also lubing the keyboard switch leaf can reduce friction and imperfections in the shaft production leading to a bad feeling

【8PCS Kit for Keyboard Enthusiasts】For keyboard and electronics fans, they are essential keyboard lube kit and the best gift or toy. Micscrew’s keyboard lube kit provided 2 lube brushes, 1 keycap puller, 1 switch puller, 1 keyboard tweezers, 1 stem holder, and 2 parts trays. Such as the tweezers can clamp the stem and pick up any small parts(like springs, stem), also can be used as an IC extractor or chip extractor 


Micscrew’s keyboard lube kit contains 2 lube brushes, 1 keycap puller, 1 switch puller, 1 keyboard tweezers, 1 stem holder and 2 parts trays. Whether you’re a mechanical keyboard enthusiast or looking to maintain your keyboard, you can use Micscrew’s Keyboard Lube Kit to customize your keyboard and perform lube maintenance. Customizing a mechanical keyboard is easy and fun for keyboard fans. You can start your keyboard customization right away with this complete keyboard lube kit! You can get the whole keyboard lube kit without spending too much   


1.The keyboard switch spring, stem, leaf, pins can place in the parts tray   

2. Top quality metal kits will be strong and sturdy, not split, chip, and break 

Micscrew’s keyboard lube kit contains: 

2 x Lube brush 

1 x Stem holder 

1 x Keycap puller 

1 x Switch puller 

1 x Keyboard tweezers 

2 x Parts trays 


Lube brush: 6.5 inch and 6.6 inch 

Keycap puller: 4.5 inch 

Switch puller: 4.2 inch 

Keyboard tweezers: 4.7 inch 

Parts tray: 2.5 inch diameter 

Stem holder: 4.8 inch   


  1. Please allow slight size error due to manual measurement 
  2. Due to pointed surfaces, please keep away from your small child 
  3. Keep away from fire Lube brushes are not available for cleaning Only for hot-swap mechanical keyboards